Pressure Vessel

In order to meet strict inspection for pressure vessel in international market, KHSP Eng & Yolong had been working hard on passing pressure vessels certifications that needed by clients’ government.

1. KHSP Eng & Yolong trained engineering department can calculate and design pressure vessels as ASME standard.
2. The welders of KHSP Eng & Yolong are skilled and obtained certification of WPQ. The seams was processed as WPS & PQRstrictly, can passed seam inspection and pressure test smoothly.

In 2011, KHSP Eng & Yolong designed and fabricated PED certificated milk storage tanks
In 2018, KHSP Eng & Yolong designed and fabricated AS1210 certificated fermentation tanks and conditioning tanks.
KHSP Eng & Yolong is preparing documents to process ASME certificated pressure vessels as clients request.

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