Commercial Brewing Equipment

Commercial Brewery Equipment is a large craft brewery or brewing company systems compared with homebrewing equipment, max home brewing system is 5bbl.

The diversity of size in breweries is matched by the diversity of processes, degrees of automation, and kinds of beer produced in breweries.

A brewery is typically divided into distinct sections, with each section reserved for one part of the brewing process.

The design of a commercial brewery must consider

  • Safe Operation
  • Saving Labor
  • Energy Recovery
  • Larger Output
  • Environmental Protection

Craft breweries had been fast growing, but every brewery is different, KHSP Eng & Yolong offer custom design and fabricate commercial beer brewing equipment with a wide range of size.

KHSP Eng & Yolong is one of the most professional beer brewing equipment manufacturers, we focus on automatic control system and brewing process for brewery.

As for breweries expansion, KHSP Eng & Yolong can fabricate brewery commercial-brewing-equipment and cellar tanks to upgrade craft breweries.

  • Malt Handling System
  • Custom Brewhouse, 20bbl-50bbl
  • 3, 4 & 5 Vessel Configurations
  • Full Automatic Control System
  • Cellar tanks, 20bbl-200bbl
  • Hot & Cold Liquor Tanks
  • Heating Recovery
  • Portable Pumps & Flowmeter
  • Energy Device
  • Full Automatic CIP Station
  • Hop Storm
  • Yeast Propagation System
  • Beer Filtration
  • Keg Washing & Filling Line Purchase & Installation
  • Bottle Washing & Filling Line Purchase & Installation

KHSP Eng & Yolong specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of commercial beer equipment and supporting facilities.
We can provide a wide range of commercial brewing equipment to meet different levels of needs, if you plan to buy brewing equipment, KHSP Eng & Yolong would be your best choice.

We guarantee you fast and reliable service