Brewhouse Brewhaus

KHSP Eng & Yolong provides different brewing solutions based on kinds of configuration of brewhouse equipment. You can custom and for sale the brewhouse equipment according to their layout size, budget, beer styles, beer recipes, control level and brewing time.

Two Vessel Brewhouse (MAX 15-20BBL BREWHOUSE)

  • Mash/Lauter Tun, Brew Kettle/Whirlpool or Mash/Kettle, Lauter Whirlpool

Two tank combination brewhouse can save much cost and space, which is usually built up in nano brewery and brewpub. The brewers can at least brew two batches in a workday.

Three Vessel Brewhouse

  • Mash Tun, Lauter, Kettle/Whirlpool or Mash/Lauter Tank, Brew Kettle, Whirlpool

Three vessel brewhouse will have higher brewing efficiency, with optional steam and electric heating, which can brew four batch beers per day. Usually applying to middle micro breweries.

Four Vessel Brewhouse

  • Mash Mixer, Lauter Tun, Brew Kettle, Whirlpool

The advantage of a four vessel brewhouse is can maximize the brew efficiency of brew equipment, each brewing step can realize in a single tank. A brewer can brew six batches per day.


  • Available capacity of 1/2bbl to 100bbl system
  • Optional heating style of steam, electric and direct fire for brewhouse tanks
  • Custom engineering of brewhouse layout with brew deck
  • Auto PLC control panel be available for certification of UL, CSA, CE requirements
  • VFD controlled reducer and wort pump
  • Assembly sanitary rotary spray balls for cleaning
  • Mineral wool full insulated
  • Temperature sensor(RTD) in a thermowell
  • Rake and mash agitator assembly with top/bottom reducer
  • Milled false bottom for lauter tank
  • Grist hydrator with strike water mixing station
  • Plate heat exchanger for cooling wort
  • Independent hot liquor tank or combine with brewhouse tanks
  • Stainless steel 304 construction
  • 2D/3D engineering for brewery set up simulation
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